Our local community have had the use of village hall facilities since 1956 when land was bought and a wooden, ex-RAF barrack hut was obtained and erected in the village.

The ‘hut’ quickly became the centre of social life in the village as well as providing a meeting place for local groups.  Good use was  made of this valuable facility and many local people recall their wedding receptions or birthday parties there.




In 2001 North Kyme decided it was time that a forgotten plan to build a new village hall was resurrected.  A steering committee was formed to gauge the opinion of the village to see if a new hall was still needed.

The first hurdle was to find a suitable location for the new hall, as it was known the current site could not accommodate a modern community centre.


In May 2003 the wooden village hall was razed to the ground by a fire that could be seen for miles around.  No body was harmed in the fire, but it left the village requiring a substitute hall as quickly as possible.  The new hall was put on hold and all efforts went into getting some sort of communal building erected so that the busy schedule of village public activities could continue.


In a huge effort by the villagers and the Royal Air Force, the current hall was transported from RAF Conningsby, where it lay redundant.  It was erected here over a very long weekend.  Many hours of work later the village hall committee left us with the hall we see today. Although adequate in the short term a new hall was needed more than ever, as we knew this hall was only a temporary build.  

Every household who were available were surveyed to ask, what they would want from a new village hall?

The results from this survey were collated and the committee set about designing a village hall that would incorporate every thing that was requested. (The result looked something like the Wembley sports arena)!  From the survey it became obvious that the majority of villagers had requested a playing field.  A number of pieces of land were identified in and around the village which would be suitable for both a playing field and the hall.

A major break through was made soon after the fire. A piece of land on which to build the hall finally became available and was purchased after much negotiation and consultation, using money that the parish council had set aside from the sale of the village allotments. Before the land was purchased outline planning was required in order to confirm that the village hall could be sited in this location.

Outline planning was approved but was conditional. A road way leading to the site would have to be constructed.  A practical approach was taken and extravagancies were taken out of the plan.  The result was a hall not to different in size to the original hall but with needs, ergonomics and practicality given serious consideration.  The drawings and requirements drawn up by the steering committee were handed to a designer from the village with the instructions to produce a workable design for the new hall, incorporating as many of the requests of the villagers as possible.