Plant life in our conservation area


(Corylus avellana)



Hazel is one of our commonest shrubs and small trees.

It produces conspicuous

"lamb's-tails" (male catkins) on the bare wood in very early spring.

An edible nut is produced in autumn, which the dormouse and squirrel love to eat. Common in hedges, scrub and woodland


May Blossom

(Crataegus monogyna)


Dark glossy green leaves, scented white flowers in May, small red haws in autumn. Fast growing. Very thorny native plant, tolerant of wet soils.

Valuable for wildlife.


GUELDER ROSE (viburnum opulus)


Vigorous native shrub or small tree with flat heads of heavily scented white flowers May and June followed by masses of translucent red berries in autumn. Any good moist soil but will thrive in wet or boggy situations