COMMENT : Thank you for such an interesting site. It is a great help in putting me in touch with my roots. As a baby I lived in Walcott but we moved away when I was small. My father, George Mackinder who was born in 1926,went to North Kyme school from the age of 6. I think I've spotted him in one of the school photos which looks like it was taken in the 1930's when he would have attended there. Dad died in 1998 but I still remember many of his stories of his childhood.



NAME : Richard Philp
COMMENT : I drive between Bedfordshire and North Lincolnshire on an occasional basis and on my last trip was delighted and amused to see the scarecrows in the village.
I don't think I was speeding so wasn't clocked by the speedgun touting policeman and the "lest we forget" scarecrow is particularly poignant this year.
Thanks to everyone who added interest to my otherwise uneventful journey.


NAME : Carol Young
COMMENT : Thank you for such an interesting site. It is a great help in putting me in touch with my roots. As a baby I lived in Walcott but we moved away when I was small. My father, George Mackinder who was born in 1926,went to North Kyme school from the age of 6. I think I've spotted him in one of the school photos which looks like it was taken in the 1930's when he would have attended there. Dad died in 1998 but I still remember many of his stories of his childhood.



Dear North Kyme people, I have read your letters page and see a few of us (obviously somehow we are all related) are all searching for information of Brooks's of Kyme. May I add my my request. Jacob and Abel are my line and I think this leads to the Austins but I need something more definite - Many thanks



Please can you help with any information on the Brooks Family in your Village,

they are distant relatives of mine


Yours sincerely

Malcolm Hazel


Jacob Brooks
Gender Male
Birth 1798 North Kyme, Lincoln.England
Marriage 17 Oct 1826 (Age: 28) ST Luke's, Parish Church, South Kyme, Lincoln.England to Sarah Covell

1829 (Age: 31) South Kyme, Lincoln, England

1841 England Will 1841-1861 (Age: 43) North Kyme, Lincoln.England
England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941 Record for Jacob Brooks England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941
Occupation Gardener 1842 (Age: 44) North Kyme, Lincoln.England
Occupation 30 March 1851 Farmer 26 acres of land (Age: 53) North Kyme, Lincoln. England Sleaford
Burial 1 Feb 1872 Parish Church, South Kyme, Lincoln.England

25 March 1872 North Kyme, Lincoln. England England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941 Record for Jacob BrooksEngland & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941

Sarah Covell
Birth 1810 Swarby, Lincolnshire, England
Death May 1870 (Age: 60) North Kyme, Lincoln.England
Burial 16 May 1870 Parish Church, South Kyme, Lincoln.England

Their Children

Ann Brooks 1827 –

Elizabeth Brooks 1829 – 1901

Seth Brooks 1832 –

Mary Brooks 1834 –

Rebecca Brooks 1837 –

Abel Brooks 1840 –

Naomi Brooks 1843 –

Ruth Brooks 1846 –

Sarah Brooks 1850 –


Hello Webmaster

I am trying to contact Pam Burgess but she has not put her e address on

this is the letter you have on page.

The letter reads as follows:


"I am writing you from Oklahoma U.S.A. I am working on my family history and

have a question that I think someone in North Kyme might be able to answer.

I am trying to find out the names of the persons that owned the sweet shop in

the square by the memorial. I am going back a few years. Probably about

1948-1955. I used to ride the bus from Martin Dales to Sleaford, it would stop in

the square at North Kyme, and I would run into the sweet shop to get some sweets.

The lady who owned the sweet shop we called Aunt Gin. I am not

certain of her last name, but think it might have been Wilson. If anyone remembers

the people who owned back then, I would appreciate hearing from you. I am thinking

Aunt Gin, was maybe a Burrows before she married.

My line that I am researching is the Darmon, Burrows line of family.

If anyone can help, please email me, thanking you.

Pam Burgess"


I may be able to help her with this family - would you either reply back to me

with a contact address ? or pass on my details to her please"

Thank you Jo



South Kyme Women’s Institute


Calling all ladies between the ages of 18 and 118 – Come along to the Village

Hall on Thursday, 23 September 2010 at 7.30pm to hear about the potential

opening of the Women’s Institute for our village.

No longer just about jam and Jerusalem, the WI now offers a broad host of

ideas and interests which should appeal to all ages.

For more information on the WI, please log on to their website at:


We look forward to seeing you there.



Thank you very much for the further information and the photograph .

thanks to people like yourself and many hours of searching i am begining

to get a better picture of my family history.

As i said previously my father who died in 1970 grew up not knowing

anything of his family background however now i can at least know.

thank you again and best wishes to all in North kyme

Best regards Pam Crowe nee Smith.


 I found your e mail address on your village web page. I am not sure if you can help, but I have been researching my family history for a number of years and I believe the Linton family lived in North Kyme in the late 18th and early 19th Century but I have been unable to confirm this. On the Census forms my Great Grandfather is recorded to have been born in North Kyme and yet on others it states Boston. His name and his fathers name were both Richard Linton, but I do not know my Great Great Grandmothers first name. Great Great Grandad was at sea, but again I am unable to prove or disprove this. Could you please help or at least point me in the direction of where I might obtain the information I need.

By the way your web pages are very interesting, keep up the good work.


Graham Linton


Just located your web site and checking the photos , think you may be able to help into my family tree research. please

I am trying to find out about Thomas Edward Smith b 1863 Camarthenshire Wales he was my Great grandfather

When my grandfather Harold Ivor Smith was killed on the Somme in 1918 his parents were living at the school house North Kyme.

and his occupation was schoolmaster.

We have no photographic record of the family and i am hoping that the photograph of North Kyme school dated 1908 shows my lost family.

Thomas Edward Smith would have been age 45 years in 1908 his wife Elizabeth Mary Colley Smith would have been 46,

There were two daughters Nellie b 1887 and Amy b 1896 so it is possible the two ladies are my G grandmother and youngest daughter Amy who would have been 18 years old.

the other possibility is that My grandfather Harold Ivor Smith is one of the pupils as he would have been 12 years old.

If you have any thoughts on the above or if you can help identify the family i would be very very grateful.

Do you know whether the school has a record of who was school master in 1908 when the photo was taken??

Thank you for reading this and look forward to hearing from you . Kind regards Pamela Crowe nee SMITH now living in Scotland



I am a direct decendent of Austin Brooks, born 1771 in Walcott but I would like to ask if anyone has any possible information that may link this Brooks family with a family with the same surname living in South Kyme before that date. I have a reference to a John Brooks marrying Sarah Bamford and living in South Kime. The family record shows seven children: John. born 1742, Austing, born 1744, Sarah, born 1747, Mary, born 1748, Rebeccah, born 1750, Thomas, born1754 in North Kyme and Ester, born 1759 in Quadring. It is believed that Thomas died in 1821. Note the spelling of Austing is as recoded and may be an error in the original records.

I have also found many relatives in the general area of Billinghay for both may family and my wife's family. Some date back as far as the 1650's

Gordon Brooks  contact:


Good Afternoon,

Back in May (Before I had grey hair an a strong addiction to cheap wine) I arrived all the way from not so sunny Ireland to the wonderful village of Billinghay.  My husband and I had brought our first venture together "Billinghay Kennels" I had not seen the place before we moved trusting fully in my husbands judgement, (Please let me give you some advice, if you are ever travelling to a new home you have never seen and your husband says only that "you can put your mark on it" RUN, RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!), When we arrived I got the shock of my life. I will only say that the previous owner was an eccentric old bean, and that the place needed a little imagination, a moderate amount of help and a great deal of hard work. (Ok, and maybe a few threats of divorce and disembowelment).. However a few months and several tons of concrete down the line and we are final ready to take on the four legged residents of Billinghay, Boston, hell... all of Lincolnshire!!

So now you may be wondering why I am contacting you, unfortunately I have no exciting story's of discovering a 16th century bidet or 1st world war bomb while digging up the carcass of what was once Billinghay Kennels (Although if we'd dug a little deeper you may have been in luck!!) Our main problem is that we have worked our fingers (and parents) to the bone and now we want to show the world the fruits of our labours, I know everyone truly believes that their kennels are something special but I know ours are like nothing anyone has ever seen before, we have the logo "Home from home" and that truly is what they are like, right down to the sofa and fitted kitchen... we can place all the adverts in all the papers in the world but we have such a reputation to breakdown and rebuild again that we need all the help we can and that is where you would come in.  We would really like someone in your position to come round and maybe do a story on the place put across the enthusiasm (sometime to be taken for temporary insanity)  that we feel for our kennels and for the guest that stay with us.  We also are working closely with the Labrador Lifeline Rescue, and am happy to say we have sent two loveable orphan Annie's to their new homes. 

Well I really hope to hear from you soon and if not I hope that my email brought a little smile to what may have otherwise been another rainy day.

Kind regards, Kat



I am trying to find an ex RAF REGIMENT man (Ray Wadsley) who used to live in North Kyme I served with him in Fassberg Germany in 1951I would be very grateful if you could help me find him or any information about his whereabouts. You can contact me on 0191 3711911.

Ernie Toole (Geordie)



Ian Toole

Technical Service

PPG Aerospace

Tel: 01388 770273

Fax: 01388 774373

Mobile: 07778 140 567





Hi, my name is Emma Lassetter and I am researching my family history. My 4x Grandfather was Thomas Lassetter and according to the 1881 census he came from NK England. This may be a long shot but I know he married Mary Bailey from Moulton, Lincs which is reasonably close to North Kyme. I was wondering whether there is any trace of any Lassetters living in your village at any point over the years or maybe you could give me the name or number (or both) for someone who may be able to help.

I am really grasping at straws but if anyone can help me I would appreciate it so much!

Thomas and Mary moved to Islington in London where they built their life and had 8 children!

I really hope you can help, even if it is just the name of someone I can contact for parish records.

Thank you for your time,





Would any North Kyme residents have any old photo’s or information on families that lived in the village 1890 - 1970?


In particular the Wesleyan Chapel, the Bakehouse and General Store, the old school?


Would anyone have stories / anecdotes / old newspaper clippings etc. that would be of interest to be included in a family tree presentation I am doing in the village. I can come to visit anyone who has photos so that no lending of pictures would be necessary. You can contact me by e-mail at or by phone 01352 692250  

From Mrs Paterson



HI THERE, just browsing on the net and i came across your website.

I live near mansfield notts and have travelled through north kyme

many times on my way to chapel St leonards, my father and I often

felt a little bit proud to have the same name. My father's name

was kyme and he also gave me the name but i have never come across

anybody else with that name . I would really like to know where

the name kyme originates from ,can you or any one else in your

village please help?.



Hi there,

I'm doing the typical thing these days and looking into my ancestry. I am tracing back on my mother's side of the family for the surname Brumfield.

I have just been looking through your website and I thought it night be worth just dropping a quick email.

I do know that my grandfather William was born in North Kyme around 1915(ish). His parents were William Stubley Brumfield and Annie Brumfield (nee Prince). He had two brothers and two sisters (Jake, John, Eileen & Rita). I do know that they had cousins living in the village under the same surname.

The family moved out towards Great Hale/Heckington area where John and Rita still live.

I have found a William H Brumfield who was born in North Kyme in 1880. I wonder whether he may have been either a brother or a cousin of my great grandfather (William Stubley Brumfield).

My grandfather then joined the to Warwickshire as a police constable. He married and stayed in Warwickshire until he died in 2004.

Would it be possible to put anything on your website and see if anyone knows of the Brumfield family.

Kind regards

Mark Sargent



     My name is Colin Sumpter and I live in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire and I'm trying to trace my family tree.

   I found your website by typing North Kyme in Google and saw your invitation to write a letter.

   I have traced the Sumpter family to North Kyme where my great, great grandfather, William Sumpter lived and worked as an agricultural labourer in 1851. According to the 1851 census he was head of the family and lived at an address which is rather obscure on the census form but looks something like Hing Shyles (perhaps someone in the village can recognise it).

   William appeared to have moved there from Billinghay after 1841. His son, Thomas, is the one who moved north, sometime between 1861 and 1871. He took up residence in Horkstow, near Brigg, moving a bit further north to South Ferriby some time later.

   If someone in the village knows of the family or can at least translate my interpretation of the address in North Kyme I would be grateful for an email at:-


Many thanks for this opportunity to write, alll the best

                                                    Colin Sumpter



Dear Residents

 My husband and myself have spent a pleasant short break in North Kyme and surrounding area and were made to feel most welcome, especially by Barbara and Martin Grice.


I have been tracing the Kime family history for many years and would love to hear from anyone with a Kime connection (or Reeson family).  So glad to think that I originate from such a beautiful area of the country.

 Vivienne Ann Greenman nee Kime




I am trying to trace my great grandad GEORGE FORBES HUDSON.  

According to the 1901 Census he lived in the school house, North Kyme with his wife Eliza, children Reginald, Mervyn, Edna, Noelle, Archibald.  What happened to him after this date is the focus of my research. I wondered if I could use your letters page to appeal for help for information regarding this family.

 I do not know whether there are any descendants living in the north kyme area but any information would be gratefully received.      

Thanking you in anticipation.

Mervyn Hudson

5 Dudley Grove, Crosby, Liverpool, L23 0SJ  tel:0151-2931573



I have just come across your page and wondered if you had any 'links with the past' features apart from the photogtaphs?

The reason I am asking I am trying to find out more about my Smith and Gray family of North Kyme. My great grandfather Frederick Smith was the nephew of Abraham and Harriet Gray of North Kyme. Fred's father Henry Smith(1842-1882) and grandmother Charlotte Smith (b1805) both stayed with the family. Henry is buried in North Kyme graveyard as re many of Abraham's family. I do not know if Charlotte Smith is although she was in her 70s in the 1881 census when she was living with the Grays so probably so. I didn't find it when I visited the village. Frederick Smith went on to marry Annie Luesby and lived at Gt Hale.

I believe Abraham's wife Harriet Gray was Henry's sister Harriet Smith.

If this could be included in your letters section I would be grateful. I was in touch with a Mr Gray of North Kyme via his son but unfortunately I have lost the email address.

If anyone has information on the GRAY/SMITH side I would love to hear from them

Regards Cheryl



Dear Di, June, Anne, Yvonne, etc

It was a pleasure to meet you all at the Coffee Morning last Saturday and I hope

you made a reasonable profit.

I have just been looking at your website and am quite impressed with the energy

and hard work you all put into keeping the community alive.

Kind regards

Carol McNaughton - Audrey and Peter's niece.