The North Kyme conservation area was created from an area of litter-bound ground at the north end of the village. The junction of the A153 and Causeway road (Mill Lane) had for years been collecting blown away rubbish from bins and out of cars. Being at the entrance to the village it had always set a bad impression for visitors. In 2002 a grant was applied for to a European fund "The Catalyst Fund" to enable the area to be re-generated into an area that not only was more appealing to the eye, but an area that could be managed to harbour local wild life. The site was lucky enough to benefit from a seep-out pool from the nearby Skirth that forms a natural habitat for many animals and plants. It is a real delight to sit out on the benches and either watch the wildlife or watch motor bikes criuse past on a Cadwell park race day.


The work force to make this happen?   It's you.

As well adding an attraction to the our village, the project also aims to involve as many community members as possible.  We have many volunteers already, but we are always looking for more.  If you have an interest in conservation and have a couple of hours spare a month then we would love to hear from you

We are currently looking for the group to re-establish its self, so if you think you have the get up and go to get the group up and running again, then please contact us hear at the website.  It really is a worthwhile project.


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