North Kyme  runs a very successful Neighbourhood watch scheme. All of the village is divided into groups of houses and all of these houses that wished to join the scheme are administered by one of five people. These people are keeping their ears to the ground making sure their cluster of houses all receive relevant updates on anything they believe residents should be aware of.  It's all a case of looking after each other.

The ooordinators receive messages from Lincolnshire police and if they are believed to be relevant then these are e-mailed through to members of NHW. The system works extremely well and has in the past prevented crimes in the village..

If you have recently moved to North Kyme and are interested in becoming a member of neighbourhood watch scheme then we will need you to get in touch with the co-ordinator for your cluster of houses.

If you E-Mail North HERE with your contact details then we will make sure your co-ordinator calls round to introduce themselves.  Those of you who did not get round to handing their forms back, don't worry, again just contact the website.