The newly laid playing field in Kyme is situated behind Newfield Drive at the bottom of Vacherie Lane.  The field is adjacent to the site of the new village hall so when the plan comes together we will be able to sit on the veranda of the new hall, relax and watch the goings on and action of the field.  We have already put up goal posts on the field but it is hoped in the future that a younger children's playing area will be created close to the hall.

The playing field is for the use of everybody in the village, so we have a few simple rule that we would like you to follow when using the field.

The Rules of the playing  field


The village hall construction site may not be entered under any circumstances

Nearby residents must be respected and considered at all times when using the playing field.

Dogs must be kept under control at all times.  Any dog fouling is to be cleared away and disposed of  hygienically.

No fires are to be lit on the playing field.

No overnight camping.

All play equipment is only to be used for its intended purpose.

 No vehicles are to be driven on the playing field except when loading and unloading.

 The vehicular barrier to the playing field and car park will be kept locked at all times.  People using the playing field are requested to park vehicles in the lay bye, keeping the roadway clear at all times.  The barrier will be opened during planned events at the village hall or playing field.

 Please clear up after yourself


The field is checked for debris once every month by the parish council, but please if you see any dangerous objects on the field please either pick them up or inform a member of the council