1866 - 2005

North Kyme School was built by the Lord of the Manor and opened in 1866, having cost £800 to build and included the attached headmasters house and 2 cottages. At this time the school was rented by the school board and pupils paid to attend, probably one old penny per week, but no accurate amount is recorded.


In 1870 the Elementary Education act was passed and compulsory attendance made and children were not allowed to work in trade and factories.

In 1874 grants were made to the school and £10-£15 per year per child was paid to the school board, the amount was based on average attendance.

In 1880 a bill became law which meant pupils could not leave school until they were 13 or 14 based on attendance and each child had to gain an education certificate to enable them to leave.

Despite the new acts the North Kyme School board allowed 3 weeks holiday for children to assist with the harvest, and a further 4 weeks for the“root crop ingathering”.(A notice to this effect is displayed below).


During the early stages of the school, 3 classes were housed in the original brick building, with a curtain pulled across the main room to divide it into 2 rooms and the 3rd classroom in the room which was later used for the kitchen and latterly as the school office.


In 1922 the Kesteven Education Committee requested a reduction in staff, and the school was divided into 2 departments, but as Miss Smith and Miss Brumfield had begun studying to qualify as unqualified teachers, the managers left the staffing as it was, but no children under 5 would be admitted. The playground was asphalted in 1923 and a new wooden block of 2 classrooms was built in 1934.  This allowed the former 3rd classroom to be used as a kitchen where the famous school dinners were cooked and the other former classrooms were used for eating meals and also as the school hall.  Among the cooks were Mrs Crabtree, Miss Steph Wray, Mrs Barber, Mrs Andrews.  School meals ended in 1979 and the kitchen was converted and made into a staff room and office.

Sport at the time when Mr King was head teacher consisted of playing football in a field belonging to Mr Skinner (the field past the new village hall) and with no goalposts or any other equipment being available, jackets were removed and used as goalposts and boys played in their normal school clothes and shoes .The football had to be provided by any one of the boys that was fortunate enough to have one.  



Weekly trips to Sleaford swimming pool during summer term taught most pupils to swim but it was an outdoor pool and mostly it was a case of swim or freeze!

Local resident Derek Gray tells us that at the outbreak of the second world war a 4ft deep trench was dug and zinc laid on top to act as a air raid shelter in case of enemy attack.  No bombs were dropped on the village, however a bomber and a training aircraft collided in mid air just above sandpit farm causing the loudest bang anyone had ever heard.

Derek also reminisces of how the newer and younger members of the school were forced to sit nearest the door of the big hall as this was where a freezing draught blew through.  A you were older you got to sit nearer the teachers desk.  When you reached a certain age you would move to the older pupils school, which was in exactly the same room, just the other side of a curtain!

Listen here to some of Derek’s Memories.


During the night of 20th May 1952 fire completely destroyed the wooden classrooms and the older children were transferred to temporary accommodation at Billinghay school, and the younger pupils going back to the original brick building. (See log book entry September 1952”

A new “temporary” wooden building replaced the burnt classrooms and were still in full use until the school closure 53 years later.

Unfortunately, the fire destroyed many school records and as the headmaster, Mr King, was involved in other village activities many of the village documents were destroyed.

115 pupils were on roll at the time of the fire.  At this time pupils attended North Kyme school until reaching the age of 14, when they were transferred to Billinghay “horsa” for the last year of their education, or, if passing the 11 plus they transferred to Sleaford Grammar School or High School at 11 years old. Some pupils opted to leave North Kyme school and attend Sleaford Secondary Modern school, at 11 years old.


During 1993 Lincolnshire Education Authority conducted a viability study into North Kyme School, as numbers had fallen to around 20. The governing body decided to oppose the closure of the school and after many hours of meetings they were successful in retaining the schools status and numbers on roll increased to around 40.

Unfortunately, numbers dwindled again and with the school falling into disrepair and the “temporary” 53 year old wooden classrooms needing replacing.  


North Kyme school was closed in 2005.

A few years before the closure of the school Nora Everard an elderly resident of North Kyme came to the school to talk to the children about what life was like in times past. The talk was recorded and written down.

This document can be viewed here.


Teaching Staff /Assistants.



May1911--- 1923                   Miss Nellie Smith

                                                Head teachers daughter

                                               salary £35per year-- 1917 £34 per year

                                               Was offered vacancy in the big room in 1913 but preferred to teach infants.

                                               Left 1923


1913                                        Miss Young

1917                                        E.G. Gardiner

1920                                        Miss M Brumfield

1923                                        Miss Glen

1925                                        Miss Peatman

1926                                        Miss Goodyear

1928                                        Miss Palmer


1931 teachers salaries reduced 10% Local Education Authority regulation


1934                                       Miss Capewell

1934                                       Miss Hilda Dorman


1940s no records teachers remembered by pupils of that time


Mrs Farbon, Mrs Hollins, Mrs Maxwell, Miss Marion Burns, Miss Doreen Kelly, Mrs Griphiths, Mrs Brocket Mr Aulin


1947                                      Miss Marjorie Lambley

1947                                      Miss H King

1950                                      Miss R Oxby

1956                                      Mrs B Dickinson (also acting head summer 1972)

1956                                      Miss M Leonard

1958                                      Mrs C S Whiting

1958                                      Mrs Joan Waite

1961                                      Mrs Wilson

1961                                      Miss Cook

1963 4 classes 104 pupils

1972                                      Miss S Cope

1975                                      Miss Turner

1975                                      Mrs Sally Wilkinson, Mrs Violet Kirk

1978                                      Miss Carr

1980                                      Mrs Tonge became teacher for infant class

1983                                      Mrs Judith Kirk part time

1988                                      Mrs Angela Hopewell

1993                                      Mrs Christine Allen

1994                                      Miss Caroline Barnatt

1997                                      Mrs Kate Crawley

1997                                      Miss Janice Brown

2000                                      Miss Emma Lord

2001                                      Mrs Jayne Tonge

2001                                      Mrs Stephanie Burrows

2001                                      Mrs Amanda Nicholson (secretary + teaching assistant)

2001                                      Mrs Jackie Dring (teaching assistant)

2002                                      Miss Emma Lord Assistant teacher, Mr Andrew Hughman Part time Teacher

2005                                      Miss Caroline Corcoran (supply Class 1 )

Head Teachers  North Kyme School


1872                George Futcher

1876                George Pelger

1882                Charles Yuile

1885                Herbert Hayens

1893                George Forbes Hudson










1911--1923     Mr Smith

(Mr Smith came from Rissington his daughter acted as supplementary teacher. In 1917 his annual salary was £92:10

He resigned in September 1923)


1923                Mr Wiles (resigned 1932)

1933                Mr Martin (left 1939)     

The managers recorded they did not want to appoint a headmistress.


1939                Mr Henry King

(Appointed but was unable to take his position as he was on wartime military duty).


1944                Miss Andrew (acting head)

1947                Mr Henry King (Took up his 1939 position and left in 1956).

1956                Mr Maurice Waite

1961                Mr A.D Wilson

1977                Miss G.A Keetly (acting head )

1977                Mrs Lorna Williamson

1990                Mrs Susan Tonge (acting head)

1990                Mrs Linda Smith  (acting head)

1991                Mrs Susan Tonge (acting head)

1991                Mr David Stewart

1993                Mrs Susan Tonge Mrs Tonge retired Dec 2004

2005                Mrs Beverly Emes

July 2005 North Kyme school closed


Standing: L-R Mervyn Forbes Hudson (son), George Forbes Hudson, Archibald Forbes Hudson (son) Noelle Christine Hudson (Daughter).

Sitting: L-R Eliza Hudson (wife, nee Palmer), Edna Kathleen Hudson (daughter).

The date of this photo is probably between 1906 and 1909.


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Reports from Her Majesty’s Inspectors

1906                           Inadequate heating

1907                           Complaints about irregular opening and closing of school

1909                           New desk order refused by Kesteven council.  Told desks must be repaired.

1909                           Running water connected to hand basins

1910                           Complaints about cruel punishment to child.  Punishment found to be                                     not too cruel and justifiable to keep order in class.

1913                           The account outlay for the year £196 2s 3d.   In june the new dual desks                                     arrived.  The bell chain was replaced and it was decided to ring the bell                                     twice each morning before the start of school.

1915                           School closed for 2 weeks due to whooping cough and measles, the 2 week                                     root harvest holiday followed this.

1922                           Poor keeping of registers noted.

1923                           Playground to be asphalted

1926                           Managers let the 2 school cottages by the gate, one of these was let to the                                     school caretaker.

1931                            new furniture ordered.  Two long benches in main room are to be replaced                                      by four dual desks.  Long benches in infants room to be repaired and three                                      new chairs ordered for teachers.

1933                            School closed from 20th Jan to 6th Feb due to influenza.                                      Cycle shed erected for 20 cycles.  Benches in infants room replaced with                                      desks.  Concrete path built from road to playground.

1934                            Plans to enlarge school.  A new cladded class room to be built parallel to                                      road on the edge of the school yard.

1935                            Earth filled toilets replaced with water closets.  The school now able to                                     accommodate 140 scholars.

1942                            Wartime air raid shelter precautions are put in place.

1945                            26 pupils transferred from Anwick school along with headmistress Mrs                                     Richards,

1952                            20th May wooden classroom burns down. Many school records are                                     destroyed in the fire.

1956                            Small fire breaks out in care takers outbuilding.  Fire extinguished  with                                      extinguisher and Billinghay fir brigade.   May.  Water heater and sink                                      installed in canteen.  June... School closed for Lincolnshire show.                                      103 students on school roll.  December... School closed for the building of                                      serving hatch in canteen.

1957                            Boundary fence erected on playground.  School has outbreak of Asian flu.

1958                            Heavy snow sees only 33 of 98 children turn up for school.  Power fails and                                     school dinner is cooked over the fire as well as across the road at George                                     Wilson’s shop.     June.... School closed for opening of Pelham bridge                                     Lincoln by Queen Elizabeth II.

1961                            Parent teacher association formed.

1962                            Mrs Andrews becomes school cook

1968                            Anwick school opened and children transferred form Kyme.

1969                            39 children on school roll.

1970s                          Children bussed to walcott for games as Kyme has no playing field

1971                            School starts swimming lessons at Lafford pool.  Regular hair inspections                                      carried out by school nurse.  Cycling proficiency lessons start.

1973                             14th November.  School closed for royal wedding.

1974                             Caretaker moves into school building.

1978                             School sports day held on Mr Everards garden.

1979                             38 on school roll.  New indoor toilets used for the first time and old toilet                                       block demolished.

1980                             Managers decide to sell school cottages and use old school house for                                       storage.

1884                             Plans made to enlarge school as South Kyme school closes and Kyme                                       prepares to take on the pupils.

1985                             Decision is made that South Kyme pupils move to Billinghay.  Plans for                                       Kyme school enlargement are abandoned .  New roof put on 1866 hall

1986                             Swimming lessons transferred to Sleaford as it is now an indoor pool.

1993                              School under threat of closure. As too few pupils are on roll.

1994                              Lincolnshire county council to let school remain open.

2003                              Lincolnshire county council once again concerned over low numbers on                                        roll  under “best value review” for small schools.

2004                              24 pupils on school roll.

2005                              A decision is made to let the school close at the end of the summer term.                                        A church service is held on 18th July to celebrate North Kyme School

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