Village Hall Project

Latest news:

North Kyme village hall opens on 17th August in spectacular style   

Once opened by Group Captain Johnny Stringer the annual village show took place followed by a packed opening night headlined by the Wrinkly Rockers

We have a few details to address to finish the hall but these are being sorted as we speak.   Once again to everyone who volunteered the many hours it took to complete the project.

Funding Gained (many thanks to these organisations for their help in funding our project)


EON                                                 £2500

NKDC                                              £25000

WREN                                             £50000

Garfield Weston Foundation          £10000

Awards for all lottery fund                £10000

Bernard Sunley Foundation            £2000

Lincs CC                                         £10500

To get to the stage we are at now a lot of work went on for several years.  Please have a look here to see what had to happen before the first brick could be laid



The village loan was spent on the following projects

Thank you


1. Finishing of the car park   and roadway                                      £10,000

2. Finishing of hall insulation  and plastering                                  £5800

3. Finishing of electrics                                                                   £3500

4 Fitting of catering kitchen                                                            £7,000  

5.  Wooden flooring to main hall                                                    £9,000

6.  Fabrication of entrance porch                                                   £2,500

7.  Heating system                                                                          £8,500

8.  Completion of decking area                                                      £1,700

9.   Snagging                                                                                   £3,000

A final breakdown will soon be available

The Roof tiles are stacked and are ready to be layed

The Windows are fitted to the new hall.  It is now water tight and ready for the internals to begin

The brick work slowly takes shape around the steel frame

A site visit by the village hall committee and the new hall gets the thumbs up.

Concrete arrives after the harsh winter

Terry Handley watches as the first turf is cut for the new hall

The grant from WREN is now being put to good use with the first fit electrics and plumbing.  Ok so you wouldn’t use the toilets just yet.  (The cubicles are coming soon)!

August 2011.The hall internals start to take shape with the plaster being put on to the walls

November 2011  The toilet cubicles and second fit electrics take shape in the reception area

Over the  Christmas holidays a group of guys got together and gave up two full days to help to erect a scaffold in order to make a start on installing 175mm of top spec insulation.

Before this  could be done, the entire hall floor had to be swept and scraped.  Refreshments were provided for the lads by Lindsay and Ellis.

More days and evenings are planned to give the hall build a boost and save an enormous amount of money in labour charges.


18th March.  After several trips to B and Q the insulation arrives.  With a hardy group of volunteers and a dodgy generator the insulation was laid to the reception part of the hall.  It was one of those jobs that when you have finished, you stand in the room and it’s not obvious that anything has been done.  Oh well at least we know we will have a cosy warm village hall.

Here we see, men with spaghetti, a big boys toy , a man with a paint brush and a really large trench.  What does it all mean?

It means the hall is now connected to the national grid (Hooray!) and we are now at the stage where the foyer is being decorated.

A big thank you to all the lads who turned up to help with digging of the electricity trench

The insulation is nearly all complete in the main hall.

The high roof has been boarded and plastered, and soon we will the lower parts boarded and plastered too

From top left,  The decking under the porch is now constructed

The spot lights in the foyer switch on for the first time

The sewerage tank gets put into place ready for the connection to the main drains

The sink in  coffee area getting its first clean to make it ready for use.

This is the star of the carpark.

Take a walk down and look what has happened in the week since these photos were taken.

The plaster is drying and we are getting ready for the paint job.  All the work is being carried out by local tradesmen that we can be proud of.

As well as the paid workers there are still a constant core of volunteers that are tidying, cleaning, mowing etc


On the 16th of August there was a mad scramble to get the hall ready for the opening on the 17th

Working late into the evening the hardcore volunteers cracked it, making the hall perfect for the big event