As well as a small walk designed by the children of north Kyme school the year before it closed, North Kyme is also the starting point of "Kyme to Kyme (The long way round)"  A walk from North Kyme to South Kyme by means of following the old waterways.  At 13 miles this walk will take the whole day.  The walk is fully documented with stories and old photographs, it is split into four convenient smaller walks for those who would like a stroll along the river bank instead of an all day event.

Also available for download is a poem THE BANK BREAKS by BERNARD GILBERT (worth reading whilst on the banks of the Skirth)


A walk around North Kyme    By the children of North Kyme school.


Kyme to Kyme (The long way round)  

The following are PDF downloads

North Kyme to Billinghay

Billinghay to Witham Bank

Witham bank to Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill to South Kyme           

(To accompany this part of the walk you might like to read this oral history of what life was like living in the lock  keepers cottage)   

Bottom lock oral history